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I was amused to read that Multnomah County Sheriff Mike Reese popped up the other day to break the news to us all that golly, things are getting rough in Portland:

Multnomah County Sheriff Mike Reese said in an open letter that the county that’s home to Portland is seeing a dramatic rise in arrests and bookings for so-called Measure 11 crimes, or violent felonies such as murder, attempted murder, rape, sodomy and assault that carry state-mandated prison sentences upon conviction.

There were 371 defendants charged with those offenses in jail on an average day in 2021 — already a huge spike — and currently half the jail’s population is charged with a Measure 11 offense, Reese said.

The county is also struggling with record-high levels of traffic fatalities and overdose deaths, he said.

“We need to act with a sense of urgency. Summer is approaching, a time when we typically experience increased violence in our community,” Reese said. “Violent crime, traffic fatalities and overdose deaths are already at historic high rates. Without action, we can expect worse to come.”

He's just noticing?  

The only news in the sheriff's statement is: Now that the city cops have gotten their fat raises and bonuses, they're finally winding down their de facto strike and doing something once in a while. Like arresting violent criminals. Nice of them to do us that favor.

Yet we keep hearing that all manner of criminals are released shortly after arrest because the sheriff doesn't have enough jail space. Does Reese have any thoughts about that? Apparently not.

Besides, Portland has been on the downhill slide for several years, with the steepest part of the decline starting with the months of riots two years ago. Where has he been all that time?

It's hard to figure out precisely why Reese, formerly Portland police chief during the reign of the Sam Rand Twins, is suddenly issuing "open letters" on the city's crime wave. Maybe it has something to do with the ongoing race between candidates to succeed him. We got a flyer from this fellow, Derrick Peterson, on our front door yesterday:

I assume Reese is backing Peterson's opponent, Nicole Morrisey O'Donnell, who has been serving as Reese's undersheriff.

Then again, Reese may himself be running for some new office, either elected or appointed, because he's ineligible to run for re-election as sheriff:

Reese was appointed to the post in 2016 after two-term Sheriff Dan Staton resigned. Two years later, Reese was elected for a four-year term in the May 2018 primary election with over 96% of the vote. Reese cannot run again because the county rules prohibit elected officials from serving more than eight in any 12 years.

Maybe former Mayor Creepy is lining him up to take back the reins of the city's police bureau when the current chief, Chuck Lovell, makes an overdue exit.

Anyway, I look forward to more "open letters" from the outgoing sheriff. Maybe next he'll be warning us that, you know? Lately there are some guys going around stealing cars.


  1. Hey, when you're retired on your fat PERS pension @ ~age 48 (no minimum or low to stoop to, amirite folks?) after racking up overtime @ 80% pay of '3 highest paid years' whilst writing tickets & getting paid to sit around haunting the crumbling county courthouse halls, it can be awfully difficult to notice the problems over the martini glass @ noon on a beach or your deck chair? Amirite?

    Nice of him to take some time outta his day to let us know! Thanks Reese! (or rather his ghost writers & consultants & PPD union brain-trust?)

    Lot like Conda-sleaza Rice extolling of the evils, perils & costs of invading a sovreign nation between cashing Hoover Institution & $100k/a pop speaking gig checks. That's rich (well, she is, we are getting poorer by the day on a more poisoned/worse & more violent planet). Thanks Condi!
    Glad you could make time to drop in & tell us ignorant plebs this, presumably after calling in your 'buy' order on Raytheon, Northrup Grumman, & Lockheed Martin stock?


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