Pucker up

The Portland police union just endorsed Rene Gonzalez for City Council. That should guarantee him a third-place finish in the primary.

I can't believe he sought out that endorsement. He needs it like a hole in the head. But there it is.

I like Gonzalez, but the police union candidate? There may not be a clothespin strong enough to seal my nose against that one.


  1. If I had a choice between indifferent cops or thumpers at this point in time in Portland I kinda want the rough trade types at least for awhile. At least cripple them a little if the useless DA's won't prosecute. Sorry but this is what the last two years of living here has done to me.

  2. Meh. At this point the Portland cops are too lazy even for brutality.

    1. But, that's when you need to take away their unwarranted privileges.

      This announcement assured that I will never vote for Gonzalez. The boys at Possum Pickup & Delivery do not need a marionette on the Council. Rewarding stuff like that just increases the likelihood of more unarmed innocents shot in the back.


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