Mozy-ing in

The postman left some election porn today – just a little.

I must say, the phrase "bad policy decisions" really jumps out as a hopeful sign. Plain language! But the brag about all those "commissions, committees, and community organizations" seems like a bit of a red flag.

We had "Anybody But Novick," then "Anybody But Eudaly," and now "Anybody But Hardesty." Here he is, I guess. I'm still voting for the other lawyer, Rene Gonzalez.


  1. Always like the one about "Make Housing Affordable". Like maybe cutting property taxes by 50% or reducing/ eliminating the systems development charge for residential development. That won't likely happen but what is sure is that there will be yet another committee to looking the issue. My top four issues are:
    1. Get the vagrant off the street
    2. Clean up the trash (see #1)
    3. do something about the graffiti (see #1)
    4. Fix the damn roads! And I don't mean more road diets, speed bumps, bike lanes, bus lanes and bio ditches. I enjoy slaloming with my car as much as the next person but one of these days' I'm likely to crash into someone.


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