Maybe the squirrels will be safer

Do the members of the Portland City Council ever realize how ridiculous they look? They let crime in the city get completely out of control, and then they throw money at traffic barrels and park rangers as if that is going to make a dent in the murder and mayhem. Then they announce that things are improving, while the grim statistics prove otherwise.

The media, by and large, play right along, dutifully repeating, with a straight face, the insane pronouncements of the politicians.

Today's story: more crime-stopping park rangers are on the way. Chainsaw Rubio is in charge, but Dud Wheeler has the money for her. God help us.

I have seen many foolish moments in Portland government in my decades here, but it seems to me we have now reached an unprecedented level of absurdity, one that is downright lethal.


  1. That's what happens when the police go rogue. Straighten out the police first, then get them to do their jobs.

  2. That guy looks high as a kite. Maybe he will try to “talk them down.”


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