Liz drops me a line

I got an email message the other day from Senator Elizabeth Warren. Well, it said it was from her, but actually it was a fundraising pitch from Tina Kotek. Warren's endorsing Kotek for governor. And just in case I had forgotten in my old age, the senator threw in this helpful reminder:

The other amusing thing about the pitch – and it's consistent with most of the emails that emanate from the Kotek Kamp – is that it comes out blasting with the threat the Republicans pose to Oregon's future.

Of course, Ko' isn't running against any Republicans at the moment. Right now, she's in a primary contest with Tobias Read, who is a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat. And if She, Tina makes it past Read in the primary, her main opponent in November will be Betsy Johnson, who also is not a Republican. So the whole "Vote for Tina now, or you'll get a Republican governor" thing rings pretty hollow.

But anyway, with the most boxes checked, she got Warren's endorsement. For me, it means marking down a minus-1 for Warren.


  1. Oh dear lord!
    If Liz endorses it that might actually hurt Tina?
    That might help Betsy Johnson?

    That woman has the charisma of a dish rag & only appeals to young people that have made it with BS well paying jobs in key blue cities that vote D rubber stamp anyway, who there are basically none of & is only a professor in the sense that she uh...maybe teaches 1 cushy class for like an hour a quarter, else she's probably administrative dead wood queue boiler room 'tiiiiimburrrr' cat call.

    She also appeals to old people like boomer lib parents of said group I guess?
    She took a bunch of $ to stay in the race, tho I don't think she really took voters away from Sanders.

    Much like a friend said of Liz about his car;
    'It's white on the outside, red on the inside & it says Cherokee on it.'

    Not that I can work up a lot of hate for Liz really, she'd be a decent tax analyst or Fed reserve chair CFPB chair or something?
    She was a republican until ~1996 tho (which Clinton basically ran as a republican/took all of Dole's talking points...maybe the most inconsequential not that close election of my (almost legally) adult life?), late converts are loud loose cannons?

    She's not that popular in MA, hasn't done much, what else she got to do?


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