It's getting "vibrant" again

 Looks like quite an afternoon in beautiful downtown Portland. Go by streetcar!


  1. What no one home at the Police station? All out on a doughnut run? Waiting for there Carmel Macchiato to come up at the Star bucks across the street?

  2. The KATU story doesn’t mention it, but apparently this occurred at a rally in Chapman Square for the whiny-voiced, wife-swapper that’s running for governor.

    1. The Radical Monogamists have had enough, heh. I wondered what the event was. There was also a "More Traffic Barrels" rally of some sort somewhere today. They probably all marched around about gun violence, then went home and voted for Hardesty.

  3. I was watching the 10:00 news tonight, and they showed a “Stop the youth Violence” event at what looked like Pioneer Courthouse square under a tent of some sort. There was a total of one person in attendance that I could see. Pretty much sums up Portland right now doesn’t it?


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