Five years later, she's still "establishing goals"

The election porn just keeps on a-comin', with this fine specimen arriving in the mail today:

This person has been on the county commission for more than five years now, but she's still babbling about "establishing goals" on homelessness. She's also "ensuring" that "Preschool for All," that is, the new COUNTY INCOME TAX, "reaches its milestones." If one of the milestones is chasing successful people and businesses out of the county, it's right on track.

Oh, and what the heck, abortion! Climate change! Lather on the buzzwords. Issues that the county has little or nothing to do with.

But the last bullet point is my favorite. It's not enough to be fleeced by Tri-Met, Metro, and Portland City Hall for worthless trains, streetcars, and an aerial tram – let's get the county bureaucracy involved in mass transit, too!

No, no, a thousand times no. For the love of God, ignore what the Weed & Mushroom people tell you on this one. They need to adjust their microdoses. Vote for Meieran or Mayfield, not the bobblehead.


  1. Heh...That sounds like par for the course. And here I thought that METRO was created to grapple with issues which transcended local political district boundaries. Now, everybody wants to get back into the issues they off-loaded back in 1980. I was there. I ran for a Metro councilor seat. I also remember the nattering nay-sayers of the entrenched corporate right (Bill Moshofsky) ranting about how this would turn out to be nothing but another measure to fleece the clueless taxpayers.

    Geez...I guess they turned out to be right.


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