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Just in time for the May primary election, comes the long-threatened lawsuit filing by the guy who's accusing the state legislature bobbleheads of firing him in retaliation for pointing out dysfunction in the State Capitol. OPB tells it this way:

Nate Monson resigned from his position as the Capitol’s legislative equity officer last June, after just two months in the post. The equity officer is a central piece of the Legislature’s new process for handling harassment issues; they are responsible for fielding complaints and guiding complainants through their options.

On his way out, Monson penned a damning memo that made waves in the Capitol that has become focused on workplace misconduct in recent years. He claimed the person who had preceded him in the job, Jackie Sandmeyer, ignored complaints, did not keep appropriate records, and slowed active investigations into accusations of harassment by failing to pay the outside attorneys who conduct those reviews....

Named in the lawsuit are six legislators — Senate President Peter Courtney, former House Speaker Tina Kotek, and four lawmakers who have overseen the harassment complaint process — along with Labor Commissioner Val Hoyle, and the Legislature’s top attorney and human resources director. All of those people either declined to comment on the suit Monday or did not respond to an inquiry....

Harassment and other inappropriate workplace conduct have received heightened attention in Salem since 2018, when a pattern of harassment by former Republican Sen. Jeff Kruse came to light. After that behavior was exposed, top lawmakers were the subject of a complaint from the state’s Bureau of Labor and Industries over their failure to stem improper behavior. The Legislature ultimately settled that complaint for more than $1 million.

But Monson’s lawsuit says that legislative officials — and Hoyle, a former state legislator who has since become labor commissioner — have not abided by the terms of that settlement. And when he began raising concerns about shortcomings within the process, he says, he was shunned and ultimately forced out...

The legislative equity officer position remains unfilled 10 months after Monson stepped down, and legislators are relying on expensive private attorneys to fulfill the obligations of the role. 

What's that you say? Tina Kotek part of a group bullying people, sweeping dirt under the rug, backstabbing, and costing the taxpayers hundreds of thousands? That can't be true. Can it?


  1. But, but, but she has accomplished sooooo much. Just look around you, you ungrateful bastards.

  2. Real tired of the word "Equity". Another term for forced socialism

  3. Equality is the promise of America. Equity was the promise of the Soviet Union. Equality is the assurance of opportunity. Equity is the control of outcome, usually down to the lowest common denominator.

  4. Equity to me is if at the end of the day you have some change in your pocket and you don't owe anyone any money.


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