Birds of a feather

It's a big day for Jo Ann Hardesty, the Portland city commissioner with the bullhorn and the bottomless bag of grievances. Not only has she gotten the endorsement of the boy wonder district attorney, Mike Schmidt (breathlessly announced in the Weed, here), but today she's prominently featured in the New York Times as the great champion in the battle against climate change.

God help the planet.

I doubt that these developments will make much difference in her re-election prospects. But wherever Hardesty was yesterday, today she's even more so.


  1. Didn’t the Weed consider Hardesty among the worst Oregon legislators back when she was in the House as Jo Ann Bowman?
    If so, wonder what changed their opinion.

    1. Beats me. They loved her last election, will probably endorse her again.

  2. It's too bad the NYT article didn't allow comments, because I have quite a few (all negative).


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