Back in Portlandia

President Biden should be here in a few hours. He's coming to talk about infrastructure. Wow, what a place to show up at to discuss that topic. Portland puts the "struc" in "infrastructure." 

Where to begin – the bureaucratic fustercluck around a proposed ferry across the Willamette? The sham "equity" pork being larded over what should be the simplest freeway widening project? Or the latest round in "planning" a new interstate bridge – a process that's already burned through nine figures and produced nothing?

Maybe he's going to announce how much the new freeway tolls will be.

They're speculating he'll get ice cream somewhere before the day is over. Last time, it was at Salt + Straw on Alberta. I'd recommend that he skip the kid stuff and go straight for some serious weed edibles. He can get those just about anywhere in town. 

Or micro-dose some 'shrooms about an hour before that fundraiser at the yacht club. That will make dealing with Wyden and Brown a lot more interesting.


  1. It should be fun for everyone!

  2. And don't forget about the $1.5 Billion industrial filtration facility + pipelines the Portland Water Bureau is proposing in rural East Multnomah County. Merkley "got" the biggest loan ever from the federal government (taxpayers) - $727 Million - to "save" Portland ratepayers some interest $$$ down the line.


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