A quickie with POTUS

The President is in town, but he's not going too far from the airport. In fact, his big infrastructure photo op came at the site of one of the airport's never-ending make-work pork projects. I believe the Goldschmidt people are repaving the north-south runway in platinum at this point. That's the Democrats' idea of progress. Quite a telling moment.

The O's got some tarmac photos here. On the comical side, Gatsby Wyden showed up looking like your cousin from the farm who's a little slow. I think the goofy baseball hats are part of his "Look! Look! I'm in Oregon!" costume. And Schrader the Traitor, who may just get his sorry self primaried out of a job in a few weeks, was sure to get up close to the Prez for the cameras. Close enough that if Biden were his own agenda, old Kurt could have pulled out a shiv from his silky smooth jeans and stuck it in. Meanwhile, Dud Wheeler was busy collecting some selfies for his Tinder profile.

The show will be over soon. POTUS is getting out of Dodge in another hour or so, off to a somewhat less weird scene in Seattle. I'm sure he'll be shaking his head in amusement as the big jet takes off.


  1. Debatable whether Biden knows where he is or where he’s going.

    It’s one of the reasons his posse likes to keep him sheltered.

  2. A big improvement over the slobbering druggie who preceded him, though.

  3. Amen. Old gray guy a little on the senile side over orange psychopath anti-christ please.


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