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I don't know. Driving around on the Portland freeways, I think getting the garbage picked up off the roadsides has been too much of a challenge for Salem under her leadership.

Gun control seems to have been too much as well.

Then there was the outlawing of single-family zoning. And the fixation on road tolls and news taxes. Sometimes people lead you forward, toward a cliff.


  1. “Hello John. As you know, March is a special month. No.....not that basketball stuff. We are talking about Tina. Tina Kotek to be precise. Not only is she a proud lesbian, but she was also a very divisive Speaker of the House here in Oregon. Your Oregon John! And did we mention that she is a lesbian? It’s true.

    We are asking for your support now in this critical time. Tina’s policies are the greatest of all time, and we all know that. She lives here in Oregon too. And that is in addition to her being an out lesbian.! We need your help in electing Tina, and as you know money is king. Or in Tina’s case, Queen! Hey, that has a ring to it don’t you think John? Queen Tina will rule, I mean govern, for all of us if elected. And we can trust her, because as you know she is a lesbian.”


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