Thoughts from the back pew

As a priest friend of mine said, “I can’t stand when guys freestyle the liturgy. It’s the prayer of the Universal Church. You can’t extemporize!” I mostly agree with those sentiments. Back when I was a kid in the 70’s, priests were notorious for making shit up during Mass – which kind of put a dent in the dignity of the whole thing. And even though I think the newly revised liturgy is a clumsy, awkward and unpastoral travesty lacking the former’s linguistic grace, those are the indeed the words – although I hope the pointy hat guys will come to their senses and change it back.

Waiter Rant gets off a good one, here.


  1. They are pretty much controlled by the Black Nobility these days. Most of those devils got kicked out of Italy decades ago and moved to Switzerland where they continue to thrive. Ever wonder why the Swiss guard the pope?


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