Talking right past you

Yesterday I noted a familiar pattern for interactions between Portland politicians and their constituents. The constituents cry out in desperation over some serious problem that isn't being solved, and the politicians respond by checking off a list of all the wonderful things they are already doing to address the situation.

All the things that aren't working. Which is why the constituents cried out in the first place.

Right on cue, it happened again yesterday. A group of Black men assembled in Dawson Park to call for action on the gun violence that is taking so many lives in Portland – especially at that location.

And what do they get in reply?

Commissioner Carmen Rubio chimed in as well, recognizing the urgency needed to address the ongoing crisis. In a statement on Wednesday, she cited her work with Portland’s Office of Violence Prevention to invest over $3.5 million in the community since May 2021.

“Those investments fund work in the community for both immediate intervention and long-term prevention efforts,” she explained. “And as announced just last week, I am very interested in replicating the collaborative effort among Park Rangers, our transportation bureau, police and the Mt. Scott community to other areas of our city.

“We need to be responding in all the ways that we can to reduce this violence.”

Oh, dear. What part of "IT ISN'T WORKING!" doesn't Rubio understand? Portland is never going anywhere good with tone-deaf leadership.


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