Reading Read's writing

The first hard-copy direct-mail election porn of the year has shown up in our snail-mailbox. It's from Tobias Read, one of the two main Democratic rivals to succeed Killer Kate as governor. His message: Oregon is in bad shape, and it's all his primary opponent's fault.

There's more, including Fab Babs. "Governor Barbara Roberts, to whom I've always looked up to..."

Don't blame my scanner for the washed-out images. The photos in the flyer are low-contrast and faded. I don't know if that was intentional or not. Maybe there's some subtle effect that Read's people were going for. Or maybe their printer was low on toner.

Anyway, as a Dem, I get to choose between Read and Kotek. I can hardly believe my good fortune.


  1. An establishment, elected Democrat running against the status quo.... his status quo. GO BETSY,


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