Peacock pride

Well, how about that? The Saint Peter's University men's basketball team is going to the NCAA National Tournament after winning the Metro Atlantic tourney in Atlantic City yesterday. The Peacocks defeated the Monmouth Hawks, 60–54, for the trophy.

The game was won with defense. Saint Peter's once again stifled the opposition, allowing just four field goals (all two-pointers) in the second half. Though the Peacock offense sputtered at times, junior guard Doug Edert (pictured) from Nutley, N.J. dropped in key buckets down the stretch. He led all scorers with 20 points and was named the game's most valuable player.

K.C. Ndefo, a senior forward, blocked four shots and was named the tournament MVP.

The Peter's team will find out this afternoon where they will go next. Tbey will be heavy underdogs on Thursday or Friday in the first round of the national tournament against a far superior team. But for now, they're singing a few choruses of "Io, Pavo" in Jersey City, that's for sure.


  1. Sorry Jack, I see your guys have to play #2 Kentucky.

    1. No illusions here. I think SPU can play a good first half against them, though.

  2. I know you were dabbling in online sports gambling, then cooled on it. But, at around 15/1 from what I can tell, you have to back the Peacocks with a little something, don't you?


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