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It's all about race these days. Race race race race race. It's a "conversation" that will never end. Perhaps rightly so.

But what gets me is how "equity" is today's universal sales pitch. Cover over the freeway for developer cronies? They sell it with race. Hold the Post Office lot vacant, rather than put a much-needed managed homeless camp there? It's all to rectify racist history, you see.

Now what? Replace the freeway bridge? Gotta get race in there somehow. Don't worry, it's here.

I'm all for inclusion, diversity, even that taboo "affirmative action." But when politicians around Portland start using those causes to justify their calls on pork projects that enrich their friends, it makes me a little ill. And alas, that's often.


  1. Let’s see......The first portion of that bridge was built before there were probably less than 2 percent of ANY kind of so-called BIPOC’s in the region at all. And decades before Vanport was even a reality. And according to the google now.....Vancouver has some 4,000 African Americans in the city currently. A bit more than 2 percent of the whole population of some 180,000 or more. And let’s be frank here, when they talk about ‘equity’ in any context, it is mainly referring to black people.

    So to be even framing any conversation about the bridge around ‘Equity’ is just absurd. My wife has no problem getting from point A to point B, and she has lived all around the country and the world too. And last I checked she was black. So the whole argument is not only a farce, but is demeaning to minorities as it assumes that they are unable to navigate through life as if they were children or something.


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