Is that writing on the wall?

When they start redrawing the political maps, you know there's a good chance that chicanery is afoot. Oregon doesn't disappoint in that regard. When Kohoutek & Co. recently redid the state's congressional map, the Portland Pinwheel they came up with made sure that that new seat is going Blue.

But aha! Now I see something else quite interesting. Kurt "Traitor" Schrader, a DINO of the worst order, has had more than half of his constituents replaced. Remember, his is the crazy district that now, suddenly, includes both Lake Oswego and Bend. The district has changed so much due to gerrymandering ("perfectly legal," by the way, according to the courts) that the line on the street is that there's no real incumbent.

And guess what? The party establishment for miles around is endorsing Schrader's opponent in the primary, Jamie McLeod-Skinner. She is a lawyer who at one time was the party's Designated Electoral Victim of Greg Walden. An experienced campaigner, she checks a lot of boxes, far to the left of The Traitorous One, and so it appears to me that he may very well be back "in the private sector" next year.

If McLeod-Skinner wins the primary, however, it's unclear how she would do in the general election. November should tell us a lot about that new district. The national pundits are definitely watching it.

As readers of this blog know, I am no fan of Schrader and would be glad to see him go back to his Long Island vacation home or out to kill Bambi's mother or wherever he goes when he's not being Oregon's Manchin. The latest outrage is that he's been taking money from the Koch brothers. (But he's stopping now and it never influenced him, honest.)

To be sure, Representative Schrader deserves all the sweat that spring brings him.


  1. I’m surprised this race is getting national attention:


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