Don't tell the tourists

They've identified the guy who was shot dead in northeast Portland over the weekend. His name was Jacob Dreyer, he was 38, and he was from Vancouver, Washington. The police are identifying the crime scene as a parking garage "in the Lloyd District," and the media are all parroting that. But a better description would seem to be the parking garage right across the street from the Convention Center hotel. Northeast Second Avenue, a side street between the busier Multnomah and Holladay Streets, has the hotel on one side and the parking garage on the other.

There are lots of questions about the killing, of course. Maybe some day there will be answers. But for now, you've got one more dangerous place in Portland to put on your list: the Convention Center hotel parking garage. It might be quicker to list the places in town that aren't dangerous, if you can think of any.

We're up to 22 homicides for the year, as of March 2.


  1. Why do I feel I don't totally understand what happened here?

    1. The guy had a long rap sheet that included illegal drug purchases. Sounds like a deal gone bad.


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