Brian gets canned

It took almost a year, but the Portland police have finally disciplined Brian Hunzeker, the disgraced former police union head, for defaming city commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty by leaking false information about her to the media in violation of bureau rules.

According to this breathless story in Williamette Weed & Mushroom, Chief Chuck wanted to impose a suspension, but rough, tough Mayor Dud insisted that Hunzeker be fired.

The matter is now ripe for the process whereby a nameless, faceless arbitrator could reinstate the guy, after yet another nice vacation. I would not be at all surprised if that's what eventually happens.

It took almost a year to get to this point. And it ain't over.

I wonder if this means he doesn't get his raises and bonuses.


  1. Are thoughts and prayers in order, yet?

  2. Brian is currently applying for the Spokane PD. Or Boise PD.

  3. Not to worry. Portland cops always win in arbitration.

  4. The Willamette Week story about Hunzeker explained in quite a bit of detail how he repeatedly accessed records that he had no business looking at. How he rushed to leak the accusations of hit-and-run to The Oregonian. All that in the service of trying to smear Ms. Hardesty. And then (per the transcripts of his interviews with the investigators) Hunzeker had the gall to make excuses for what he had done, saying how boo-hoo, Ms. Hardesty had not been nice to some members of the Portland Police Association (motto: nice city you've got here; shame if anything were to happen to it).


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