Banned by Willamette Weed and Mushroom!

 Don't know exactly what I did to deserve it, other than speak plainly perhaps, but...

Here's the most recent thing I can find that I posted:

Oh well. I've been thrown out of much nicer places. People who want to know what I think of the latest in the Weed know where to find me.


  1. Well don’t feel bad. I can’t post there either. I think that the site is populated by a lot of ‘folx’ that get offended over the smallest things. They then flag your comment and then that’s that.

  2. They banned me a long time ago, and all I did was break their narrative of no Republicans ever getting votes in Portland by posting the results (from the County Elections website) of the results of the May 2006 in which a Republican got 14,000 votes. That goes against the Party Narrative.


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