Another success story from Jo Ann "With the Bullhorn"

The re-election campaign trail of Portland Commissioner Jo Ann "With the Bullhorn" Hardesty continues, with just over two months to go before she faces the voters. Yesterday she took credit, as "transportation" bureau chief, for allowing restaurants to put tables on sidewalks and streets during the pandemic. And doggone it, it's been such a success that she wants to make those outdoor tables permanent.

It wasn't utterly daffy, as was her declaration that her orange traffic barrels somehow quell gun violence, but part of it did seem a little odd. Permanent, really? The outdoor tables and shelters have served an important purpose, but I wouldn't go so far as to make all of them a forever thing. In fact, if we ever get over Covid, I would like to see a lot, if not most, of the makeshift shacks removed. Has anyone done any kind of study of whether they make life more dangerous for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists? Some of them seem to block one's view of people and things that we're trying not to collide with.

Not that it matters to the City Hall types. The "program" takes away parking spaces, and even blocks off streets to cars, which delights them to no end. And it contributes to Portland's current Third World vibe, which Hardesty and others seem to cherish. Until there is perfect justice everywhere, may we all eat in the street. If a homeless guy takes the food off your plate, buy him a beverage. And watch your steak knife.

Anyway, I've been looking at this City Council race some more, and I'd give challenger Rene Gonzalez at least a slight and tentative preference for now over Vadim Mozyrsky. Gonzalez seems to be a pet of the developer weasels, but at this point, that's the least of our problems. Some smart people are supporting him, and he's saying the right things. Unlike Hardesty, who's trying hard to play politics but whose victory tour and Mister Rogers imitation are pretty obvious baloney.


  1. Perhaps we could look at some other ways of memorializing the last two years. Say just leave a gaping crater where the Thompson fountain used to be or declare Stenchy the city rat as our new 'county mascot', add some razor wire to the top of the fence surrounding downtown's Apple Store but make it decorative with twinkle lights to give it a nostalgic Eastern Germany vibe. Just spitballing the possibilities are endless. A mountain of stripped cars welded together and make it a playground, the kids will love it. 'Covid Way' has a nice ring to it.


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