A new captain for the Titanic

I see that Marc Jolin, Deadly Deborah's person in charge of Portland's homeless disaster, is stepping down, and a new bureaucrat, Shannon Singleton, fresh from Kate Brown's army, is taking over. Things have been going so well, I hope the transition doesn't disrupt all the progress.

Marisa Zapata, Portland State University Homelessness Research and Action Collaborative director, said she is excited for Singleton to step into the role, even if it is just temporarily. Zapata expects Singleton won’t change course at the agency as she is a “true housing person who supports housing first and supportive housing,” referring to a preference for moving people into permanent housing instead of temporary shelters when possible.

Yep, if we can't do everything, let's continue to do nothing. It's the Portland way.


  1. Well I feel better about her already. Knowing that she is a “true housing person” and was formerly director of racial and equity justice, I am certain that this housing person will do a fanstastic job.

    What Portland needs at this point is someone like Leslie Groves, and not some bureaucrat that will just carry on carrying on. Portland could almost be a comedy at this point, wait.........I think this was already done.

  2. An interesting theory is that the Titanic was actually her sister ship disguised as the Titanic- which had already been involved in an accident and they sank it on purpose for the insurance claim.


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