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With all the bad news you see on your screens these days, it's great when you come across something that makes you laugh. Like me, yesterday, I opened an email message from Tina Kohoutek, asking me for money to help her get elected so that she can shill for the public employee unions as our next governor.

Ha! Ha! That's a good one, T. I'll get my Venmo right out.

I loved her sales pitch:

I'm not running for Governor just because I want to do things. I'm running for Governor because as a leader, I've realized we can only "get things done" if we work together.

Oh, yeah, she's well-known as a great worker-togetherer. Her word is her bond. And such a careful listener! Although I do wonder about her campaign logo, which seems a lttle over the top:

She continues: 

This year alone, I led the fight in the legislature to pass the largest housing investment ever for the state's two-year budget -- $765 million statewide to build more affordable housing, preserve existing affordable housing, and more. Throughout my entire time in public service, I've fought to expand housing options. I don't plan on stopping that fight any time soon.

Well, it's all working so well. Just drive through Portland on the freeways and you can see what her long career in Salem has brought us. Let's have more of it! 

Between New York Nick and I Tina, there's comedy gold out there just about every day. Laughter is the best medicine.


  1. If I were her I'd frame this and have it on the wall of my office just to keep me humble.

  2. Dave Stauffer is the only candidate that has any practical, workable, affordable solutions to our air pollution/climate change problems. Dave Stauffer has invented three physical solutions to cut down on massive amounts of air pollution throughout Oregon, the United States, and the world. Dave Stauffer must be elected so that he can get our governments to install his solutions in time to avert the worst environmental effects of air pollution.
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    My belief is that President Biden has adopted my plans in the $500 Billion environmental improvements portion of his Build Back Better plan that he recently split into five separate bills. I will be happy to assist President Biden and the U.S. Congress in implementing my environment-saving plans.
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  3. I am afraid instead of us saving the environment the environment is going to take care of us. There is a pretty good little book called The Medea Hypothesis by an actual scientist that spells it out pretty well. It's too late now .


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