What's behind the green door

I see that the O has finally taken its coverage of the fatal left-vs.-right gun battle of Saturday night out from behind the Paywall of Pity. Ace reporter Maxine Bernstein has lots of new details here.


  1. Yeah I noticed that too. I also saw the press conference where the chief of police was basically begging to have the evidence removed from the scene returned. Maybe if they had been on the scene they wouldn’t have to resort to begging for crucial evidence to be returned.

    The more I learn about this shooting the more I find myself feeling conflicted about the whole thing. The women on scene obviously did not deserve this, and it is hard not to feel sorry for them. On the other hand, I feel that no one involved with the shooting or the protest itself will change their views and the cycle will just continue. I really wish that these folks would internalize what has happened and start to work towards healing both with themselves, and the community.

    1. I think this will make matters much worse. Both sides now have martyrs. And the guy who shot from the crowd will now be a target for lots of bad things. Which could lead to quite the bloody cycle.

      And it's only February.

    2. Unfortunately I think that you are right Jack. What a sad state of affairs. Can you imagine spending the best years of your life being hell bent on destruction, and being angry over what are essentially imaginary foes? I can just picture a 20 year Antifa reunion: “Hey, do you remember when we broke the plate glass window at the Apple Store, and the time that we ran all of those businesses out of town?” “Those were great times weren’t they.”

    3. No worse than the cops' reunions, where they brag about macing some kid who smelled like patchouli oil. Or the Proud Boys' reunions where they reminisce fondly about kicking hippies' butts. There's bad on both sides, and about to get worse.

  2. If Antifa was a real movement for change, instead of a shock troop social club, they would actually move on from protests.


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