Welcome to Cop Week

Last week we got the news that this week there's going to be some news about Portland's worthless police bureau.

First we heard that the high-priced consultants brought in nearly a year ago to review the "culture" of the police force have issued their report, and City Hall will formally unveil it, when they are darn good and  ready to do so, tomorrow. But the Merc already has the whole thing here

It seems like the title should be "They're Not Racists, But." Some interesting recommendations:

The Bureau should ensure that its background investigators thoroughly examine all applicants’ social media posts and should eliminate from hiring consideration anyone found to have links to extremist groups or to have posted any communications associating themselves with racist viewpoints....

The Bureau should revise its disciplinary guidelines so that officers who associate with hate groups, racial supremacist organizations or militant groups, or display, make, or post on social media any statements or displays of racism or racial supremacy will be potentially subject to discharge....

Any body-worn camera policy must be consistent with best investigative practices, including obtaining a “pure statement” from officers in force and misconduct investigations prior to showing them the audio/video account....

As I was leafing through the report, along came an even bigger Friday news dump – and it's ominous that they felt it necessary to play that game with it. We're told that the secret negotiations between the city and police union have produced a contract. Or at least, a contract about some things. 

The issues surrounding body cameras are not addressed, apparently. But word is that there's a lot in it about police discipline. Will those provisions of the contract look like what the voters passed in November 2020? Not that what the voters say matters much in this town. Government employee unions get to overrule the voters, thank you very much. It's the Oregon way.

I get a kick out of the web page that the city has posted about the negotiations with the cops. It brags about "transparency," when the whole process has been conducted in a closed, smoke-filled room for the last eight months. George Orwell would have a good laugh.

Anyway, you can be sure that the black bloc-heads who have trashed downtown, seemingly permanently, will find plenty to be offended by in the contract. So get ready for the sounds of broken glass and the smell of spray paint. And the sights of Portland cops alternating between sitting on their hands and brutalizing people. Winter's half over, and the 2022 riots are likely just around the corner. 


  1. Don't say riot you're talking about 'Legitimate Political Discourse'. LPD if you will.


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