Wait, what?

Nowadays the New York Times says strange things around half the time. For four years, it "both sides-ed" the abomination that was the Trump Administration. Now it's selling a new line: that Trump is somehow losing his grip on the Republican Party, and there's a MAGA "movement" emerging out there that doesn't include him.

There is zero factual support for any of this, of course. All but a few in the GOP are scared witless of Orange Caligula, and they won't cross him. Plus, who's going to lead the "movement," Mike Pence? Come on.

But the Times has always got reasons why Republicans have legitimate values and aren't all bad. It's so dopey. Almost as dopey as their insistence was that "It's Hillary's turn." Almost as dopey as Nick Kristof voting in New York and then running for Oregon governor the next year. 

They own Wordle now, at least.


  1. And the Dopiest award goes to Ron Desantis.

  2. Pretty much, but it's the business liberal squawk box, whaddya expect?

    It's useful for reading what country we're giving justification to the libs to sign on to invade & whatever weird perversions/relationship issues they have?
    & maybe there's some copy-pasta 'news' in the rag there somewhere that doesn't threaten them/their paymasters?

    Trump does get booed sometimes promoting the vax & cringe away from the mob in terror sometimes?
    IDK if that means anything?

    It woulda been Trump-train/steamroller all-the-way were it not for C19 if the economy had been propped up by the fed/chugged along thru election day. (he mighta lost the popular vote again, maybe by even more, but he'd be pres. I'm basically 100% sure given how many people voted for republicans down ballot & how thin the margins were even with him doing squat/denying Covid even existed at all & in ultimate irony getting C19 & his fat ass woulda died of it 99% without getting pumped full of the best meds/vitimins/ medical care money can buy!).

    Is Trump gonna bizarro/inverse Grover Cleveland it; lose popular vote 3x (by ever bigger margins?), but win presidency twice non-consecutively? LOL.
    Funniest & dumbest (& ever more sadistic cruel & (maybe materially?) needless suffering for the many) outcome R us as a country @ this point...so, yes? LOL

  3. That 'LOL' is also meant in the voice/sound of The Joker...

  4. Also, keep in mind that on the NYT editorial board (& more so kept on retainer in the opinion page) is stuffed with various little genetically defective mutant 'college republican nerds' & nepotism cases who either secretly voted for DJT while being servile little 'never Trump' cuck-servatives or are one of all uhh...12? 'never trump' conservatives that live in 'coastal elite' states where their vote for Trump (or any president) (not that any election there isn't 'cheating' of some time or ever really comes down to 1 vote anyway) isn't going to make any difference, anyway.

    Ya got 'bed bug' Brett Stephens the Eastmoreland --> Lake No-Negro --> (most politcally cancerous) West Linn type of NIMBY.

    Ya got David Brooks the balding insect married to a bible thumper student under-study paramour as the liberal interventionist to 'convince the liberals it's ok' for every 'foreign intervention' in concert
    w/billionaire wife'd-up nepotism case dullard Thomas Friedman.

    Ya got Ross Douthat the millennial? (I've read his dreadful book (don't pay for the thing whatever the case) wad of toiletpaper w/new-agey boomer lib parents turned mutant uh...midlife crisis catholic conservative & college scold or something to crack the whip on the unsuccessful millennials/suck up to old people like Ben Shapiro in the culture war IDK?

    I'm sure I'm forgetting some others but they know their rubes & marks & audience well to reassure the monied libs among other things?
    I still read it, but it's uh...vile propaganda & for smug self satisfied coastal elites, opinion & policy makers & yuppie scum?


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