Victoribus spolia canina

It was a fantastic year for our charity pro football underdog game, revived after nearly a decade. The Big Daddies provided all kinds of upsets, including in four out of the last six games. 

Mad Dog was the winner with 70 points – 70!  Even with a new 18th week added to the regular season, that's a lot of correct underdog pickin'. Mad Dog picked a winner in 11 out of the 21 weeks.

Meow took second with 66½ points, on 12 correct picks, including 7 in a row to finish the season! And Eric was just a half a step behind Meow, with 66 points, also on 12 winning picks, including 6 in a row at the end. That, my friends, is how it's done.

Season highlights? Mad Dog and Meow both scored 11 in Week 15 with New Orleans over Tampa Bay. Meow was the only player to pick up 10.5 with Carolina over Arizona in Week 10. And Eric gained ground big time in Week 16 with Houston over the Los Angeles Chargers for 9½. Houston? Come on!

The biggest 'dog victory of the year was Jacksonville over Indianapolis in Week 18, for 15½. Mojo and Buster Douglas were on that one. Paul and No Chance in Hell snagged 13½ with Detroit over Arizona in Week 15. 

As much entertainment as we all got out of the game, I get to do the best part, which is to fork over the prizes to the players' charities. They are:

1. Mad Dog - $285 - Shriners Children's Portland

2. Meow - $90 - Cat Adoption Team (naturally)

3. Eric - $65 - Oregon Dog Rescue

The checks are going out today.

Football is a brutal sport, and maybe we should turn it off, but until we do, the underdog game makes it mighty interesting. Thanks to everyone who chipped in and played. The final standings are here.

Lord willing, the game will return to this space starting in August – in the dog days, of course. That time will be here before you know it.


  1. Thanks again, Jack!

    And triple-dig the Hornung pic hanging up in this tax-deductible charitable gambling den. 👍

  2. Hey Jack, thanks for bringing back the underdog pool this year. Ruff competition, but grrrrreat fun. Loved all the doggie photos too. Hope you can do it again next year! --Buster Douglas

    1. You're most welcome, Buster. You sagged a little in the second half of the season but finished strong. I hope we're both back at it in six months or so.


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