Salvation lost

I guess this means no Diane von Fürstenberg at the barbecue this summer. Damn! 

And another one goes down at the hands of you-know-who. I told you it was over last summer.

I still can't understand what in the world New York Nick was thinking. It makes him look so dumb that it calls into question everything he's ever said.

I wonder what he's going to do with all the campaign money he's raised. Even after he pays his lawyers, he'll have a wad of dough.

Maybe he'll save it and run for the Senate when Wyden keels over. Then he can live in New York again, like Ron does.


  1. Hey boss, I want to salute you for your prognostications. You were spot on about this about four or five months ago. I pressed you on how he could have possibly raised so much $ without some degree of certainty. You responded that his case wasn't sound, however much money you threw at it. Chapeau!

  2. Lock-Step-Liberull gate-keeping is spooling along nicely I see..
    ...glad to see they're fulfilling their societal charter position accordingly...

    1. Of course, this blog would in no way be a microcosm of that...

    2. I'm not buyin' the 'you don't know how bad you look' argument either, unless you're 'on the take' too?
      Attention (even bad attention & hate clicks) is still publicity!
      Wrestling heel's a job!
      Same with Meghan McCain being on the view until she could nail herself to the cross & self-cancel like Bari Weiss for a better deal after getting waiters or professors fired or her grades inflated?

      So he gets attention, gets to write more articles whining about being off the balot @ his make-work welfare job for dullards & nepotism cases in our fake meritocracy, take a bunch of money up front & get eyeballs or dollars thru the NYT until he leaves there after scamming them?

      Nice work if you can get it?

    3. Howard Stern ran for NY Governor on the liberfarian party ticket?
      Polls showed he had a decent shot at it, but to his credit he ducked out if he was going to (at the time, seems quaint & cute now) disclose his taxes etc 'this is too serious'.

      I take Nick Kristof about as seriously as any other over-fed boomer shock jock on the NYT masthead or legacy media like Howard Stern that somehow has probably half a billion dollars or Jerry Seinfeld that for his no talent ass clown self off of mostly the writers room & Larry David has a billion bux.

      If you think he has anything bright or incisive to say or are even paying attention to him hate reading him or has anything to offer as a political face card, he's probably scamming you (& whoever else)?

      Ya, I guess there's the technicality that he voted in NY. Whatevah, he's not voting twice or parachuting in more than fake-cowboy Antonin Scalia-esque the fatso in sherriff Joe, Gianforte in MT, or the lady who's name I'm forgetting who ran against Greg Walden & countless others in the astroturf era?

    4. The 'you don't know how bad you look' & 'how dare you, sir' counter-campaign worked well with Jeb & Hillary...O wait...

  3. “I still can't understand what in the world New York Nick was thinking. It makes him look so dumb that it calls into question everything he's ever said.”

    Hmmm. Nick has an annoying habit of overusing first-person pronouns in his NYT columns, as though him saying something about anything is the last word on everything.

    It’s also lazy writing.

    The most amazing aspect of his attempted candidacy was its very existence.


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