Reader poll: How will the Kristof case come out?


  1. I mean on the logic that the state mostly exists to draw keep in rigid roots private property rights & Kristof owns property here, letting him run wouldn't be all that shocking just on those grounds?

    Don't care/don't vote, but we've been thru this before in the UK appealing to arcane & legalistic reasons to prevent Brexit (which itself is no prize).

    This all said, by hook or by crook, depending when/how/if the republicans get withdrawal of the candidate at the last minute & can throw their weight / organize behind Betsy Johnson as good strategy knowing their unlikely to win with an R-branded candidate, that's the smart-money option, whether the Oregon Supreme Court hands the ball to them to run with or they use Kristof as free advertising & he self-cancels & sez 'go for Johnson' (effectively/tacitly or explicitly? IDK which strategy is better for the R Phil Knight/similar 'smart money')

    & for that matter, parachuting in candidates like Gianforte, Sheriff Joe (some masshole cowboy A-hole) & the lady that ran against Gordon Smith in 1996? is nothing new?
    & the snake / dynastic Kate Brown is related to Jerry & Pat Brown...those CA political dynasty snakes.

    Kristof's got no answers either it seems, bourgeois quadrennial spectacle notwithstanding & there being 'cheating' (moving the goal posts at best anyway?) in all elections w/none coming down to 1 vote hardly ever legit, if people are dumb enough to vote for him, let him be on the ballot as an R if he wants, who care?

    I mean, I'm also anti-NYT columnist by and large & money/politicians being bought too cheap (but they all got a price, don't kid yourself?), so I don't really care what the name on the face card is?


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