Privileged punk status check

Has anybody heard what's happened to this fellow's case?

UPDATE, Friday night: An informed reader writes:

He is currently facing four charges of criminal mischief in the first degree (Class C felonies), two charges of riot (Class C felonies), and two misdemeanor charges. On June 16 he pleaded not guilty to all eight charges. On April 10, 2021 he replaced his court-appointed attorney with a private attorney. On July 10 he asked the court for permission to travel to and from Washington for his work as a delivery driver, which the court granted. On October 4 he asked the court for permission to travel to and from Nevada for a 10-day vacation to visit a friend, which the court also granted. Last week he asked the court for permission to travel to New York for 10 days to be with an ill relative, which the court also granted. The most interesting thing in the court's file is that on February 2, his defense lawyer requested the state to produce some rather specific evidence, including any recordings and photographs produced by a named FBI agent at the April 16-17, 2021 protest, and that agent's communications with the Portland police bureau.


  1. tax law student of bojack'sFebruary 18, 2022 at 1:54 PM

    I'm sure the Oregon Historical Society is sending him an apology letter as we speak, for putting that plate glass in the way of his hammer.

  2. Now that's what you call a face in need of a good punching.


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