Oregon: The Crony State

Here's just what we don't need: When Gatsby Wyden keels over, let's let Killer Kate appoint his successor, and then the appointee can run a "retain me" campaign in the next general election. Just like we do with judges and lots of other offices. A little like how KK herself got the governor's gig.

It saves money. No need to have a special election.

Do you know the smell of rat? I do. How special to get this from a Democratic Party that bleats about voting rights day and night these days. 

Anyway, if a governor is going to appoint a replacement, you would think it should be the governor of New York, where Wyden lives with his wife and three minor children.


  1. Yah, LOL.
    The blue party can't actually organize do anything other than individually self promote & fetch their flunkies outta the hat apart from keep challengers out w/bottom up grass roots support using arcane technical appeals (with donor $ & from an incumbent position, of course) to rules, manners & norms to prop up institutional legitimacy in their various captive audience/current near supermajority death-stars like NYC, SF, Portland, OR etc etc.

    But Wyden finally croaking & KK & co. + consultants slotting in there/laying in the cut sounds about right, heh...

    Same as it ever was, the beatings will continue...

  2. It's always good to question the motives of pols, but I think in this case the proposal is OK. Not only is it a straight neutral change, but it ensures that a Paul Wellstone type planecrash doesn't allow the country to be put under control of Moscow Mitch and his Blackshirt Minions.

    1. If Betsy Johnson is governor, you may see it a little differently, no?

    2. No, as I read it, it said they had to pick someone from the same party as held the seat now vacant.

      No system is perfect, but prompt filling of vacancies seems important these days with the country poised on the knife-edge over the abyss of fascist creeps eager to take over by any means fair or foul. And by way of example:


    3. Meh. Whatever the perceived crisis is this week, the shoe will be on the other foot eventually. Call a special election. Let the people decide.

    4. They did, they elected the dead guy/gal. Meanwhile, if Wyden gets hit by a bus tomorrow, we should get Mitch McConnell’s pick for the Supreme Court vacancy?


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