KGW's been sold

To be precise, Channel 8's parent company is being taken over by some New York hedge fund sharpies. I used to go to that station daily as a main source for local news, but there was too much on-screen turnover and I fell out of touch. And now there's something about a traditional TV news show that seems out of date.

Anyway, Googling around, I see the new owners are also big into the gambling industry at the moment. And they bought and sold RadioShack as a fixer-upper a while back.

Best wishes to the long-time staffers at KGW. I hope the new management is good to them.

UPDATE, Tuesday afternoon: Probably just a coincidence, but speaking of on-air turnover, the reporter Maggie Vespa is packing it in for so-far-unspecified greener pastures.


  1. I remember Richard Ross gave a talk to a Journalism Class I was taking at PSU my first term in the fall of 71'. He cut quite the figure, tall impeccably dressed. Long time ago though so I can't recall what he talked about but he did look good saying it.


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