Is the Port of Portland board properly constituted?

There's a blogger wandering around greater Portlandia who goes by the pen name Isaac Laquedem. There is no real person by that name; it's a fictional character from Alexandre Dumas. Isaac has been blogging since way back in the first iteration of this blog, which is a long time ago. We are old guys.

He has a great post up now about the governing board of the Port of Portland. That board has always had representatives on it from the three core counties making up metropolitan Portland, but Isaac makes a pretty good case that nowadays it's also supposed to have representatives on it from Columbia and Yamhill Counties. Which it doesn't.

Have our governor and attorney general been missing the boat, so to speak, for a decade or more? Stranger things have happened. Does failure to appoint all the required members somehow invalidate the actions of the current board? Now, that would be something. I wonder if the Port's creditors have considered it.

It's worth a read, if only for a chuckle, here.


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