February made me shiver

Well, he didn't bother with much of a pretext, did he? Old Putie's just flat-out going to take back Ukraine, the old-fashioned way. And what is Europe going to do about it? Sanctions? You think he cares?

I would guess that all the former Soviet republics will get the same treatment. He wants them all back, with him as dictator.

What I can't quite foresee is where he'll stop. Poland?

Maybe we'll settle back into the Cold War. If we're lucky. Right now it's not so cold.

When will American lives start to be lost in this? You know we'll be in the middle of it before it's over.

And can you believe that the Fox News traitors are siding with Russia?

The Chinese are going to act up now, too, you know that. And the Korean kid.

It's some deep kim chi, friends.


  1. We need to totally divest from both Russia and China. The sooner the better.......and tell the Nike’s and the Apple’s to stuff it. They can make their stuff here or at least in an allied country. They need us a lot more than we need them. Starve the beast.

    1. Never going to happen. It's one big club and you and I ain't in it. Putin is another of the World Economic Forum's wonder kids doing exactly as scripted.


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