Expose your mental illness to art

The cockroaches that come out at night and trash stuff in Portland have never been more brazen. The jerky graffiti is everywhere you look now. When Vera Katz was mayor, she would never stand for it, and even Admiral Randy Leonard got after it, but the current City Council is fine with it. Graffiti fits in well with their helplessness act, which seems to be how you get elected in these parts any more.

The latest trashing was of the Beverly Cleary statues in Grant Park. The words "racist bitch" were spray-painted beneath.

Seems like just about the worst time you could think of for the geniuses in the parks department to put the elk statue back up again and let the black-bloc-heads trash it again, too. So of course, that's what they're going to do.


  1. Leave it in storage for now. Kind of the way we were when we had toddlers in the house you put nice things out of reach or in storage until they grow up and learn how to appreciate nice things.


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