Double Friday cop news dump

You have to watch the weasels in the gubmint. When they have information that they don't really want you to see or think about, they release it on Friday. You may not even see it, or by the time the weekend's over, maybe you will have forgotten it.

Last Friday, we had a couple of these stories. Both involve the Portland police, a veritable font of information that they'd rather you didn't notice.

Story no. 1: The state attorney general's operation has decided that Erik Kammerer (pictured), the infamously brutal Officer No. 67, didn't commit crimes when he was whacking protesters. At least not crimes that could be proven. This was back when the cops were still actually working. But just to keep the mood light, Ellen's crew suggested that Kammerer might be disciplined by the police bureau. Ha! Ha! Good one, Salem! Leave 'em laughing.

Story no. 2: A grand jury has let slide last August's police killing in North Portland of a man wanted by the federal narcs. The guy fired at the police through a wall, hitting one of them in the hip. Two Portland cops returned the favor, and a single shot killed the suspect. His name was Alexander Tadros. He was one of four people the PoPo shot dead last year. It's not clear when the grand jury made its decision, but the boy wonder D.A. let us all know on Friday morning.

Now it's Monday. You may discuss.


  1. We're going on 18 months since Scott Groshong was indicted for plowing into a protester in 2020. Nary a peep from anyone on where we are with that case. Was the case dropped? Is it still pending? The Google machine doesn't offer any information one way or the other.


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