Deadly night

Portland had a rough Saturday night. About 50 of the black-clad avengers of all societal wrongs were getting ready to act up in Normandale Park in Northeast at around 8 o'clock when somebody shot up the gathering, killing one woman and sending four or five more people to the hospital.

The protesters say the shooter came out of a house near the park. Hours after it happened, the cops still weren't saying much.

Meanwhile, in an apparently unrelated incident, the police shot and killed a guy at an apartment complex on Broadway Drive, up above Duniway Park in Southwest. I'm sure the official story on that one will take a while to "develop," but a neighbor said the dead guy had shot at a passing car, and then shot at the cops. So they killed him.

These homicides will be spun like tops for many days to come. But a couple of things are for sure: This has become a dangerous place to live, and we're likely heading into another extremely difficult stretch.

So much has been lost.