Another week, another spin

Oh, those characters at Willamette Weed & Mushroom. Today they speculate on where Nick Kristof's supporters will go now that he's conclusively disqualified from running for governor. And of course, their headline denies the obvious fact that many of them are going to Betsy Johnson:

Johnson gets a token mention way down in the article. Without New York Nick in the picture, Peter Bragdon is now supporting her.

Maybe the funniest part of the piece, though, is its assumption that Kristof had a lot of supporters in Oregon. As far as I could tell, most of his backers, like Kristof himself, were from out of state.

Oh, and the Weed's love for Tina Kohoutek is showing a little more strongly this week: She's now the "likely front-runner... who no longer faces a well-funded insurgent aggressively criticizing the state’s performance under her leadership." That last part is simply false. 


  1. Vote Republican or by the end of the term you will wish you had. With both the Governor and Legislature run by your typical far left Dems, who knows how much damage will happen? Not saying the Reptiles have great ideas, but a balance is needed so that we don't continue to get ramrodded with more taxes and pet project expenditures.

    1. Which Republican? The swinger guy? Thanks, but the Trump Party will never get my vote for anything, ever.


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