And now, today's moment of unspeakable evil

It is truly horrifying to read that when a victim hands over a rape kit, the cops may use the victim's DNA as evidence against her for crimes that she allegedly committed.

That is breathtaking. To get justice in America, you have to incriminate yourself.

And then law enforcement people wonder why they get no respect.

Dear God, how did we get here? And is that the practice here in Oregon?


  1. Abhorrent for a property crime. But if it helped solve a murder....?

    1. No. For the one murder that maybe you solve, you enable thousands of rapes. It's bad enough when the rape kits sit around unprocessed. To weaponize them against the victim is horrendous policy.

  2. d00d this was literally a thing on The Sopranos 20 years ago...
    ...if TV writers knew about this after 9/11 & cops & justice becoming what it was 1994 crime bill + patriot act & full militarization of police & serveillance state?


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