Yo no soy marinero

Over the holidays I received in the mail, quite unsolicited, a 128-page book:

I have never been on a cruise ship, and at this point I can't imagine anything I'm less likely to do than get on one.

Okay, maybe watch Georgia and Alabama play football on TV. That's at the very bottom of likelihood.


  1. Yeah, the Viking Cruises and “The Great Courses” DVD catalogs started showing up shortly after starting monthly OPB contributions. I assume selling your name to third parties adds to their coffers.

    1. They know their target market. Not too many 20-30 something scenesters going on fancy European cruises. Once you go on one cruise you will forever get brochures from every cruise line in the world.

  2. We went on the Rhine Cruise from Amsterdam to Basel, Switzerland and spent an extra three days in Lucerne, pre-COVID in May, 2019. Absolutely a stunning trip with all the stops, two days roaming Amsterdam pre-cruise, the Cathedral in Cologne; the history (WWII Sites in Colmar / Audie Murphy), food and wine tour of Strasberg, luckily caught a street festival in Speyer, etc. 192 Passengers, great food, but, yes a little worried about COVID.
    Best trip we ever had, we want to do the Danube Cruise next from Budapest up toward Munich and spend three days in Prague at the end of the trip.
    So much different from a Celebrity Cruise with 6,000 souls.

  3. I have been on a few so far. One from SF to Hawaii and the others were Caribbean cruises as my wife is from Barbados and I don’t fly. So on top of the exorbitant prices of decent rooms on the ship, factor in Amtrak tickets coast to coast on sleepers. Now we’re talking crazy money. And sometimes the connections don’t work as in last time when we almost got stranded overnight in Chicago and nearly missed the boat. I had to literally scream just to have them get us on Greyhound.

    In the best of times cruises can be a blast. Great food and always something to do. But yes....you have to worry about getting sick and hardly anyone washes their hands going into the mess hall. And forget about the “Love Boat” fantasy of beautiful people lounging around the pool. It is mainly seniors and overfed types. Not that it matters........


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