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This guy is making a splash with his writings about time management. As the world threatens to drive us all crazy, it's worth stopping to think about the issues he raises, even if you wind up disagreeing with him.

His money idea du jour – he's got a book – is that the average human lifespan is about 4,000 weeks. You aren't gonna be here forever. So act accordingly.


  1. So that comes out to about 28,000 days if my arithmeticism is right? I am a little bit over 3000 weeks. Oh my god.........I’m dying!!! Time to start writing the great book that I have always wanted to write about the mating habits of Indonesian fruit flies. I can’t put it off much longer.......the world is waiting.

    I remember some 40 years ago the Moody Blues had a song called “22,000 Days” and it was supposedly the number of days in an average man’s lifespan. It look like that number has inched up a bit. Thank god!

    1. 22,000 days us only 60 years. Maybe that's adulthood.

    2. Nowadays that is adulthood, forty years ago that was old, old. I guess no one could had foreseen Mick & Keith still playing at 75 back then. That was reserved for Frank, Dean, and Sammy.

  2. "Count each separate day as a separate life." Fortune cookie fortune.

  3. Good podcast with this author and Richard Reeves https://open.spotify.com/episode/46OFl05hYdL7gkiqdz1ufP?si=K07J_Gu9RnOUWcpUmnCvhg&utm_source=copy-link


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