Week 18 underdog picks

The Big Daddies are out there smashing and crashing in the final week of the regular season of American pro football, and the players in our charity underdog game are seeing it this way:

16.5 NEW YORK JETS at Buffalo - Paul, SteveO, TJ, Kosar19

15.5 JACKSONVILLE vs. Indianapolis - Mojo, Buster Douglas

10 HOUSTON vs. Tennessee - Gordon

7 PHILADELPHIA vs. Dallas (Saturday, unsuccessful) - Drew

6.5 MIAMI vs. New England - No Chance in Hell

6.5 SEATTLE at Arizona - pdxTrojan, Mad Dog, Micah

5.5 PITTSBURGH at Baltimore - PDXile in Omaha, DB, Meow, Bad Picker

4.5 ATLANTA vs. New Orleans - Evil O, JC

2.5 DETROIT vs. Green Bay - Eric

No one chose:

10 DENVER vs. Kansas City (Saturday, unsuccessful)

8 CAROLINA at Tampa Bay

7 NEW YORK GIANTS vs. Washington

4 SAN FRANCISCO at Los Angeles Rams

3 LAS VEGAS vs. Los Angeles Chargers

2 CLEVELAND vs. Cincinnati

2 CHICAGO at Minnesota

Our latest standings are here. Good luck, all!