We talk real funny down here

Here's a wild one, and try as I might to stay out of trouble, I'm having difficulty not laughing. The guy calling women's basketball games on the radio at Montana State is a total redneck who stepped way over the line while calling the Bobcats' game against our own Portland State. WW has the deets.

The radio play-by-play announcer for Montana State University basketball games was fired Monday after a broadcast in which he compared Portland to the South Side of Chicago and Portland State University women’s basketball players to “antifa after a riot.”

The Don Imus of Bozeman. And he goes and makes it worse by doubling down:

“There will be no apology, no one was harmed,” he wrote. “Dumb thing to say maybe, but firing me represents MONTANA values?” he continued. “I think not. MSU promotes Portland values, in Montana. Kneeling is fine, political warm-ups are no problem, but some radio yahoo making wise cracks is a capital offense. Everything I said was true. I guess the truth hurts.”

I hope he enjoyed announcing college sports, but he missed a couple of memos, and I don't think he'll be doing it again any time soon. Maybe pro rodeo.

Montana State won, 71–56.