Salvation for Zion, in Portland?

I was startled to hear that the basketball star Zion Williamson, who's been struggling mightily to come back from a foot injury, has moved from New Orleans to Portland for rehabilitation. Where in Portland, and what kind of rehab, isn't known, but reports came out last week that he's around here somewhere.

Other reports say Williamson has put on about 70 pounds that he doesn't need while he's been sitting out with the bad wheel. Between that and his apparent need to get a few thousand miles away from the team he plays for, I'd say he's at a crossroads in his young career

So is he at Nike? OHSU? I doubt he's hanging with the hapless Trail Blazers. Anyway, if you see him, send him my best. I'm one of many rooting for him to snap out of all of it. Plus, we need something good to happen amidst all the messed-up features of our town.