Running out of beds

Of all the Covid statistics the government shows us, I've always felt that hospitalizations and intensive care unit patients are the most telling as to how bad things are at any given moment. New-case numbers are too dependent on the vagaries of testing. Test positivity rates don't seem reliable when so many infected people are asymptomatic and don't even think to test, and now so many positive DIY tests go officially unreported. Statistics on deaths used to tell us something, but when Oregon admitted that it lost 550 corpses somewhere along the way last summer, I lost faith in that metric.

Assuming that hospitalizations and ICU patients are the most important stats, the latest numbers of Covid patients in Oregon are decidedly not good:

It's almost as bad as it's ever been in terms of Covid-sick people crowding into hospitals, although so far, fewer of them are winding up in the ICU. It's getting to the point where some hospitals aren't going to be able to treat people with any problem, be it Covid or trauma or heart attack or broken leg or whatever. Not a good time to be walking under ladders.


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