Portland supports small business: undertakers

Of all the bad things 2021 was, it was the worst year Portland has ever seen in terms of loss of life from homicides and traffic accidents.

We ended up with 90 homicides for the year, 20 more than in any other year in history. I believe we broke the record for shooting incidents as well, but by a narrower margin. The gangsters' aim is improving, apparently.

And we wound up with 67 traffic fatalities, which is eight higher than the previous record.

Life has gotten cheap in this town. But you wouldn't know it from the politicians and bureaucrats. 

To them, the gang wars and nightly shoot-'em-ups just can't be helped. The only answers to the murder rate are "equity," "equity," and more "equity." Since the only cops we manage to hire are racists, we must get rid of all cops. We've decriminalized all hard drugs and normalized street camping all over town; next, let's open the prisons. Keep writing the blank checks to the nonprofit industrial complex. And invest in some Kevlar.

And the police now have their stock answer for all of their many failures: "We don't have enough people to do anything." They've been on strike for a year and a half. The no. 2 guy on the force, the one who knew what he was doing, left to freeze his butt off in Wisconsin rather than continue here.

Meanwhile, the "transportation" bureaucrats have their deeply ironic "Vision Zero," nonexistent "Sunday Parkways," meaningless "local access" barrels scattered all over, mythical 20 mile per hour speed limit on most streets, lawn signs telling people to slow down, bikey this and that, but it's all worthless. They spend their days dreaming up toll systems and making life ever more miserable for people in cars, while residents die on the streets in record numbers.

We voters who have let this happen should be hanging our heads in shame.


  1. If you had Wheeler and Hardesty as your boss, would you be out there putting your ass on the line?


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