Penultimate picks – underdogs, Week 20

It's Week 20, the next-to-last week in our charity pro football underdog game, and our 'dognosticators are all over the lot. Three underdogs have five players riding on them, and the other beast has four. It's gonna be "robust," as they say in biz school.

5.5 SAN FRANCISCO at Green Bay - TJ, Evil O, CrimsonCrud, Buster Douglas, PDXileinOmaha

3.5 CINCINNATI at Tennessee - JC, SteveO, Mojo, pdxTrojan, Bad Picker

3 LOS ANGELES RAMS at Tampa Bay - Mad Dog, Drew, Meow, No Chance in Hell, Eric

2 BUFFALO at Kansas City - Paul, Kosar19, Gordon, DB

Our standings as this week's festivities begin are here. Top 3 finishers next week steer bucks to their favored eligible charities. Good luck, players and their "dot-orgs"! 

UPDATE, Saturday night: 'Dogs gone wild! Buster Douglas pulls back into contention as both Satur-'dogs win. Here are the interim standings halfway through the weekend. The smaller 'dogs run tomorrow.

UPDATE, Sunday afternoon: The 'dogs are 3 for 3, with a nail-biter of a win by the Rams. One more pooch takes a shot next.