On the 12th day of Covid, my true love sent to me

My rendezvous with Covid lingers on. After a big improvement about 72 hours into symptoms, things have kind of leveled off. Yesterday, Day 11, the virus let me know it's still got me. It was creeping back up on me. The sneeze was the key indicator, although there's definitely some minor taste effect, too. Only sleep pushed it back. It's tiring, and of course tiresome too.

Anyway, I see I'm not alone. The case counts from around Portland are pretty amazing:

And those numbers are probably way short. People who take a home test and get a positive result don't always tell anyone in authority about it. And I don't know whether they'd show up in the case numbers even if they did identify themselves. I told my doctor – did that put me on the chart?

Anyway, despite the surge, the hospitals are not being hit so hard, at least not yet:

Now, there are some charts you don't want to be on. I remain eternally grateful to be vaxxed and boosted. I still got the crud, but I didn't get too sick from it. So far. Knock on wood. But if it's all the same to the gods of health, I'd like to get rid of it entirely now.


  1. To promote viral clearance: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33278625/


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