If you can't say something nice about someone....

So many of us said "Good riddance" to 2021 last night. And certainly, it wasn't a good year. But to me it was better than any of the four years before, especially 2020. 

Although our country is way off track, with far too many idiots running around and far too few good leaders, at least we no longer have the hideous Trump weasels with their sweaty little hands on the levers of government. Goodness gracious, they were terrible. Anything is better than dealing with their garbage day after day.

Of course, the damage they did lives on, and will for a long time. For example, Justices Budweiser and Handmaiden are going to rip out the guts of the country in 2022, make no mistake. But at least on this holiday we can show our face to the world without the shame and embarrassment that was still with us a year ago today. 

But oh my word, the planet. We are killing it. The only good thing about 2021 in that department is that it brought us one year closer to the day that the asshat boomers let go of the reins (pried from their hands by undertakers, probably) and allow the spritely 50-year-olds to take over. Eventually the kids born in the 21st Century will get to run things, and they'll be a damn sight better than the Woodstock generation turned out to be. We ate it all and smoked it all and left them with no other choice but to make sacrifices for the greater good. 

Anyway, farewell, 2021. You sucked, but not as bad as 2020.


  1. And also.......Boomers ARE in their 50’s. I am 58 and I am a boomer. Anyone ages 57- 75 is technically a “Boomer.”


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